Thursday, December 18, 2008

Day 4 - Sydney at last!

Sydney Opera House
Sunday saw us spending our first morning in Sydney, a first for me and Dylan in this vibrant city. It was also the first day in three days of driving that we didn't take the car around at all, opting instead to take the train into Circular Quay and explore by foot.

Stepping out of the train station into the promenade between the many wharfs, we were met with the iconic sight of the clothes hanger Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House. Even though it was my first, I felt an unexplainable, familiar connection to this place. Must be all that subliminal exposure to scenes from Finding Nemo!

Be warned: lots and lots of trigger happy touristy shots coming up. =P

Circular Quay
In front of the promenade towards the weekend market at the historic Rocks.

Harbour Bridge and Ship
Dylan was immediately drawn to the ships and ferries of many shapes and sizes trawling the waters of the harbour-front.

Daddy and SOH
The daddy's asking, "Son, does this building look familiar to you? Remember Nemo!"

Daddy and Bridge
"See those little people climbing up the steep arc of the harbour bridge, son? Fancy a climb?"

The Rocks Market
Hmm... what intricate trinklet will attract mommy's attention at The Rocks?

Shopping really isn't the cheeky fella's cup of tea, though. He had far more fun running up and down the steps of the Opera House.
Running up steps of SOH

I like how this photo provides perspective on how tiny daddy and son are in relation to this iconic building:
Up the steps!

Tired? Sit down with Daddy for a breather!
With Daddy on the steps of SOH

Ok, back to running around again:
So much space to run around!

Another view of the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge, this time from the Botanic Gardens. By then, D's all but zapped up his store of energy, and fell sound asleep in his comfy stroller.
View of SOH and Harbour Bridge, Sydney

E and I were starting to feel it in our feet, too, after all the walking. But persisting on, we carried our sleeping prince in his chariot up the many steps of the Harbour Bridge pylon, and strolled across the bridge towards North Shore. What a lot of walking we did that Sunday! But so so worth it.
Crossing SHB

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