Saturday, December 20, 2008

Days 5 & 6 - A Walk on the Wild Side

Sticking to the theme of walking.

Taronga Zoo, situated on a slope on the north side of the bay, offers some spectacular views of the city centre and harbourfront. Following recommendations from some of the tourist review sites I found while researching kids' places of interests in Sydney, that was where we found ourselves on Monday.

Dylan's expressive vocabulary has been growing exponentially in the last month, but this trip particularly we found ourselves amused and so proud to see our son starting to use so many real words to refer to animals, things and places! Here, you can see Sydney in the backdrop of this giraffe enclosure. What you don't see is Dyl pointing and saying "Gee-Rapp, gee-rapp".

Sydney Opera House is "SeeBee How-sh" and Barney is "Bar-Ee".

Giraffe at Taronga Zoo

I reckon that the sheer exposure children get on holiday trips to new sights and sounds stimulate and open up the parts of the brain that associate these sensory inputs with the labels that represent them - in the form of words and names. One mother from church shared with me that when she takes her family on trips, the kids at the end of the trips are different from the kids they start out with ... nicely put.

Here we are watching the seals show:
Watching Seals on Show

The star of the show takes a bow:
Hello Seal

And then promptly impresses us with a magnificent leap:
Jumping Seal!

How shiny your coat of fur is, Mr Tiger. Hmm, been taking multi-vites?

Waiting for the birds of flight show, and enjoying the view of the Harbour Bridge and the opera house. If you look carefully, the aussie flags at the top of the arc are at half-mast here because the architect behind the design of the Sydney Opera House had passed away the night before:

View of Sydney from T Zoo

At the children's petting zoo, we saw some interesting farmyard animals of the edible kind, can anyone tell me if the white-feathered fowl is our tonic Chinese black chicken?

Water play naturally drew our son on a hot, sweltering afternoon:
Water Play 2

Oh, what the heck - just strip him down to his diapers and dunk him in!
Water Play

One fun-filled day follows another. Next day, we took the ferry once again, this time to Darling Harbour, home to the Sydney Aquarium. Standing outside, father and son pose before boats docked to the harbour:
Darling Harbour

That's an octopus, mommy!
See Octopus!

"Is it me or is that leopard shark heading straight for me?"
Leopard Shark

On the ferry back to Circular Quay:
With Daddy

The Koh family:
On DH-Circular Quay Ferry

We wanted to maximise our day in Sydney, so with the whole afternoon ahead of us, we headed via another ferry to Manly beach in North Sydney. Here, we're tucking into a meal of crepes at this neat little joint off the ferry station:

Manly Beach Crepes Lunch

So Day 6 draws to an end with fun at the beach!
Manly Beach

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