Sunday, December 21, 2008

Days 7, 8 & 9 - Homeward Bound

Tonight, Dylan saw fireworks for the very first time at the finale of the Carols by Candlelight event near here. What a treat!

He was a little bit frightened by the crack and sizzle of the loud pyrotechnics - he clung on to me while I covered his ears - but it wasn't enough to keep him from being fully entranced the whole 3 minutes during the show. On the way home, he kept using the malapropism "firetruck, firetruck.... Bom bom bom!". More details on Daddy's much more faithfully updated blog on the day's events.


Back to our Sydney trip - I felt a little crestfallen on our final day in Sydney, so charmed I was with this bright and vibrant city. But it was time to get comfy in our car again after 4 days, and travel the remaining 1,100km from Sydney back to Churchill, Victoria.

First stop was Batemans Bay, some 280km south on the NSW coast. We had reserved ourselves a cosy little self-contained chalet right next to the bay for an overnight stay. Here, after a long 5 hours of driving, is little D enjoying the view overlooking the sea and sand from the living room:

Coachhouse Marina Resort

Warm toasty brekky outside our chalet the morning after:
Outside our seaside chalet

And time for a little play before setting off again:
Row row row your boat!

Taking the coastal route back to Gippsland meant driving through fishing towns known for the freshest catch, including oysters. We found ourselves turning the pages of our Lonely Planet to decide on a place for lunch, and ended up in a little restaurant right at the wharf of a little town called Narooma.

DVD player saves the day, again

A quaint little restaurant, with a pretty view to boot:
Narooma, view from restaurant

Super yummy lunch, though our son was more engrossed in his Hi-5 DVD...
Enjoying the meal

From Batemans Bay, we drive across the NSW-VIC border back into Victoria, and chalked up a total of 4 hours, or 280km, of driving time on Day 8 to get into another pretty coastal town, Mallacoota.

This trusty stroller certainly has gone to places, along with its passenger!

Day 9 marked the final day of our epic road trip. It was also one of the longest - we had to drive about 370km, a 5-hour or so journey, back home to Churchill.

Strangely, though at the end of the holiday I felt the same keen sense loss anyone would feel at the conclusion of a great experience, there was also a mix of glad relief too. It's nice to be home again, albeit in this (Churchill) home away from (Singapore) home.

Total distance covered: 2,300km on the car trip odometer

Total travel time: 30 hours on the road

Totally awesome.

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