Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Day 3 - Huskisson, Jervis Bay, NSW

The drive between the Snowy Mountains and Jervis Bay was long, taking us north through the ACT (Australian Capital Territory) towards Canberra before turning off to an undulating highway winding back east, to the coast.

It didn't help that the day was gloomy, the sky heavy with storm clouds and intermittent rain making visibility low. Great for the passengers, not so great for the driver! Going down steep inclines and making 180 degree turns with the trusty manual-gear 1.8l Lantra kept me wide awake (with all kinds of fearful scenarios playing out in my head if an accident were to happen then), while the two boys dozed off in the backseat.

Between E and I, we chalked up 6 hours of driving, and boy were we exhausted by the time we checked into the Jervis Bay Motel at 8pm!

Which meant that after a good night's rest, we owed ourselves a hearty breakfast the morning after. Here you see us about to tuck into a good ol' fashioned fry-up complete with bacon, sausages, eggs, mushrooms and toast. Dylan is enjoying a plate of delicious banana bread with passionfruit butter. In a word - SCRUMPTIOUS.

Brekky @ Jervis Bay

The bay at Huskisson was frequented by many a gaming fishing boat, so it was no surprise that the playground beside the RSL clubhouse also had a nautical theme. I asked little Dylan who is seen here at the wheel, "What are you driving up there?"

Steering the boat
And his reply: "Drive... boat!"

PG at Jervis Bay

Thankfully, the sky cleared up on Day 3, so we whipped out Dylan's brand new sand bucket, scoop and spade, and hit the nearest beach we could find! Boy did he enjoy himself getting all soaked in sand, sun, and sea!


Jervis Bay - Shark's End

Scooping up the water



Careful - slippery rocks!

playing with sand

Cheeky Smile

Eventually, we had to change the boy into dry clothes, hop back into the car, and off we went into Sydney proper. Not before the cheeky fella shed a few tears, so prematurely separated from his fun, though.

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